The Atherton Farms

Beer and meat go together really well. But like beer, not all meat is produced equally. So with that in mind this week we wanted to give a shout out to one of our favourite local businesses: The Atherton Farms.

The story of The Atherton Farms started in 2006 when Neil Atherton started looking for a place in the country out of a desire for space. What started as a search to find a place away from the hustle and bustle morphed into a mission to create a self-sufficient lifestyle. Beyond that it became Neil’s chance to leave a legacy for his children and set an example to others that it is possible to understand where your food comes from and not be dependent on others to provide it for you.

The result of this mission is The Atherton Farms. Now in its fourth year The Atherton Farms has moved well beyond self-sufficiency and become a fully-fledged farm. As well as organic fruits and vegetables The Atherton Farms is home to a variety of free range livestock including pigs, sheep and cattle.

Pirate Life were lucky enough to be introduced to the Athertons at just the right time. We had a lot of spent grain to dispose of and they had pigs that needed food. As soon as we met the guys we knew we had a lot in common and ever since the family have been rolling down to our brewery all the way from the Barossa to take away our spent grain.

In return we always have a well-stocked freezer full of amazing meat. Homemade hams, smoked pork chops, beef schnitzel, sausages, bacon, lamb chops, silverside, you name it, we have tried it and we are happy to say that it is right up there with the best we have tasted anywhere. But what’s even better is the knowledge that the meat we are eating has been produced ethically and sustainably.

The Atherton Farms sell their fantastic produce to the public at farmers markets around Adelaide. Their website is home to an entertaining and informative blog about the trials and tribulations of self-sufficiency and their Facebook page will tell you where and when you can get your hands on their products. They have become favourites down at the brewery because they are great people and also they bring bacon - which always helps matters along! So a big thanks to all of the crew at the Atherton Farm. Here’s to many more well fed pigs and plenty more of that delicious bacon.

Cheers - PLB Crew