Pirate Life Update 19 Dec 2015 - Beer, Barrels, Beards and The Top 100

This week has been a busy one at the brewery. The first of our 10,000 L batches was successfully packaged on Monday - with us setting all kind of records on the canning line. It was a long day on the tins for the boys down in pack town but everything went off without a hitch. We couldn't be happier with the result, the beer tastes great and will hit the shelves fresh just in time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Add to this a couple of interesting recipes that we are mulling over for next years GABS, a new brew destined for some new barrels and a lab upgrade it's been good fun.

Along with this we recently released an interesting collaboration with local beard aficionado Adam from Mr Brown Beard. Mr Brown Beard produce a heap of cool beard oils, beard balms, mo wax and lip balms from Australian ingredients such as bees wax from the Adelaide Hills.

Not content with beards which smell of beer only after downing a few tins we extracted oils from the Mosaic and Cascade hops used in our Pale Ale and blended it into Mr Brown Beards beard balm and beard oil. The result is a product full of the same epic aromas you find in a pint of pale: big bursts of tropical fruits, citrus, berry, herbal and pine layered over a little blood orange extract.

You can check out Mr Brown Beard at http://www.mrbrownbeard.com.au/ and buy the products there or at the Pirate Life online store.

In other news the time to vote for your favourite beers is upon us once again as the Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beer poll returns. The annual vote was launched by The Local Taphouse eight years ago and has in recent years been supported by The Crafty Pint and Australian Brews News, with the number of votes doubling each year.

To take part, all you need to do is select your top five beers from 2015 on the Crafty Pint website. The results will be announced online and at events across the country on Australia Day. This year will be our first year in the running and we are confident of putting up a good show. So if you have enjoyed our beers jump online, give us the nod and help us take top spot!

The entry form can be found at http://craftypint.com/news/1139/Vote and voting closes at 11:59 AEST on January 18, 2016.

Have a good weekend, drink good beer.

Cheers, PLB Crew