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Port Adelaide Football Club’s Commerative Can Launch

By Matty O'Callaghan 24 Oct 2019

On Sunday October 13th Pirate Life Brewery played host to some seriously passionate South Aussies. In what was one of the largest displays of black and teal ever seen outside of a Power home game, two thousand footy fanatics flocked to our Baker Street venue for their very own taste of history.

It was here they would witness the unveiling of the Port Adelaide Football Clubs brand new commemorative logo, get a first look at the players impressive 2020 guernseys and have the opportunity to crack a can of Pirate Life Lager, wrapped in a one off design celebrating the clubs 150th year anniversary.

PL Co-founder MC neatly summed up the collaboration, “An idea to design a celebratory can for the clubs 150th was put forward and they loved it. It’s part of an ongoing relationship with the PAFC and the broader Port Adelaide community…We chose our flagship lager as it speaks to a number of generations. It’s a very approachable beer.”

With the surrounding streets closed off to accommodate local food trucks (as well as a bouncy castle for the kids), punters were free to explore, eventually making their way to our expansive loading-dock stage, where an ocean of members, supporters and families would watch Club President, David Koch, and C.E.O. Keith Thomas deliver the goods.

The words “Proud Past. Bold Future” echoed across the property. As pints were charged, an ancient and telling roar ensued. At this moment, we were reminded that we are part of a strong community down here at the Port – and attempting to separate that community from it’s football club is not only unnecessary, there is no tool precise enough to perform the surgery. They are one. They are a family. And that’s an ethos we are willing to get behind.

Following the formalities, patrons were invited to spend some time with our hospitality team and events crew. It was an ideal opportunity to grab an ice-cold commemorative tinnie from the bar, a plate of local produce, then sit back and soak up the atmosphere. What more could you want from a Sunday afternoon? Well, maybe some better weather…

As we look back at the event itself, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Getting to know the locals has been a drive for us since day one and celebrations like these are pivotal in achieving that goal. The venue held up spectacularly, everyone on deck was smiling and the beer itself was a raging success.

If you’re interested in purchasing a slab (16 pack) of our historic PAFC collaboration lager, hit up your local Sip ‘n’ Save bottle shop or head on down to our Port Adelaide Brewery for a pint, a chat and a few cold takeaways.

See you at the bar!


PLB Crew