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Standing Room Only

By Pirate Life 13 Aug 2017

If you walked into our little warehouse here at 89 South Road a couple of years ago, you would have been greeted by a sea of blue floors, a couple of tanks tucked away in the corner and the canning line humming away down the end.

We used to spend a bit of time back in the day bowling the cricket ball around the joint. There was so much space we could cruise the forklift in an out the warehouse when we needed to drop some hops in a tank.

By Friday this week the transformation from that relatively empty warehouse in 2015 to a maxed-out brewery became complete. There is very little that we can write that the attached video doesn’t say. Weeks like these are a testament to what a bunch of legends we have on the ground here in Adelaide. Without missing a beat, they managed to brew, cellar and pack a tonne of beer, all while ripping the roof off our brewery and installing eight new fermenters and one new bright tank.

Thank you to everyone around the world who has helped us make it this far. There is nothing more humbling than the love and support we receive every day from our families, friends and beer drinkers around the globe. It’s been an epic ride so far and we hope there will be plenty more action very soon. But for now, we can focus on the most important bit of all. Filling the new tanks up with the good stuff.


PLB Crew