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Beer Cartel 2017 Australian Craft Beer Survey

By Pirate Life 30 Aug 2017

Over the past two years our mates over at Beer Cartel have run a survey of Australia’s beer drinkers. The results are somewhat of a state of the nation for the craft beer industry and give an excellent insight into the way that Australian beer drinkers tastes are fast evolving. Yesterday we were caught by surprise with the announcement that Aussies have this year voted us their number one brewery, a huge honour considering the excellent company we share the top five with.

Perhaps the biggest result of the survey is the finding that a massive 95% of people who took part indicated a belief that the quality of craft brewing is improving. This is a huge nod to brewers across the country who have really stepped up the game across the board. The proof is in the drinking. Cheers to everyone who took part in the survey, thanks once again for the love. And big cheers and congratulations to everyone we work with in this awesome industry. We have said it before and we will say it again: Craft beer is full of the best people.


PLB Crew