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First Beer, Then Tattoos…

By Pirate Life 19 Jul 2017

Ordinarily when beer and tattoos mix it’s on a messy Bali holiday after a few too many Bintang’s. You and your mates decide to get matching tattoos on the top of your feet to make sure that you always remember that time that you spewed on someone’s back while riding on a moped through Kuta.

Here at Pirate Life we want to give you the chance to think it through a little more, to make an educated decision about which beer brand you commit to your skin. So here’s the deal: During next weekend’s Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival our friends at Black Diamond Tattoo are setting up a stall and doing a bit of live tattooing. We figured the opportunity was too good to miss.

We have put together a bunch of Pirate Life themed flash tattoos. If you’re happy to commit to one or more of the designs shown up top you will be rewarded in beer…

Anyone who gets a Pirate Life tattoo, live, during the festival will receive a beer and merchandise pack from Pirate Life as well as a free case of any new release packaged beer in the next 12 months.

If you are interested in this offer you will need to book a session ahead of time through Black Diamond Tattoo. Tickets for next weekends Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival are available online here.


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