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Pirate Life Mosaic IPA

By Pirate Life 05 Jun 2017

Some of you may have noticed that Pirate Life has a sneaky habit of releasing new beers in a flurry. It’s been a while since the Pirate Life IPA, Hopco NZ Pale and Golden Era Golden Ale hit shelves last year and this week we have two more for you. First cab off the rank: Pirate Life Mosaic IPA‚Ķ

The genesis of the Mosaic IPA can be traced back to late 2014, before Pirate Life had even brewed its first batch of beer. After a day of jack hammering drains in the warehouse that eventually became our brewery, Red dropped into the Wheatsheaf Hotel for a sneaky pint before heading home. On tap that day was a single hop Mosaic Pale Ale; Chasing Freshies, brewed by Deschutes. The initial recipe for the Pirate Life Pale Ale had us using Cascade and Simcoe in equal parts, but after pondering Chasing Freshies, Red called Jack and told him that we had to sub Simcoe out for her daughter – Mosaic.

The Pirate Life Pale Ale turned out to be a hit with punters, and its trademark tropical punch is all thanks to the Mosaic. Early this year for our second birthday, we decided to brew a homage to the most delicious of hops. The plan was pretty straight forward: use a simple malt bill and let the Mosaic do the talking. The resulting beer is as the name implies; a kaleidoscopic journey through tropical flavours. Somehow, Mosaic finds a way to impart every delicious flavour you ask of hops, all on its own. Backed by a clean, light malt bill it’s the beer equivalent of a fruit punch juice box.

Mosaic IPA was an instant hit at the birthday. Once some kegs hit taps around the country, people started demanding that we stick it into cans. We listened. The Pirate Life Mosaic IPA will be hitting shelves of quality liquor stores around Australia this week!

Introducing the Pirate Life Mosaic IPA.