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CBC, GABS and Some New Beers

By Pirate Life 29 May 2017

The weeks have turned into months here at Pirate Life and once again more has happened than you could poke a veritable stick at. Since we last caught up we have flown across the Pacific, jumped out of a plane, managed to put all things delicious into our GABS beer and had a few hundred solar panels bolted to the roof to help us through next summer’s inevitable power shortages.

But its what is coming at your mouth hole that will probably have the most people talking. Some new packaged releases and a collaboration brew with one of America’s finest craft breweries – Ballast Point.

The 2017 Craft Beer Conference was held in Washington DC this year and while we did our best to attend the sessions it was hard not to get distracted by the general shenaniganry that goes hand in hand with packing 13,000 craft brewers into one epic city. Plenty of Beer Baseball (it’s a thing and its epic) later we were bound for the sunny shores of San Diego to catch up with our mates at Stone Brewing and check out how last years Imperial Oatmeal, Molasses, Coffee Baltic Porter is tasting after a year in rum barrels. The answer is pretty tastey. We also managed to find our way to Ballast Point and check out their impressive facilities in Miramar.

From the states it was virtually straight back to Melbourne for GABS 2017. For the the third in the company’s history we decided to once again brew a variation of IPA. This time there were a few extra ingredients on the brewsheet. Aptly named the Vanilla Malt Thickshake IPA – We brewed this one with Lactose, Rolled Oats, Apple Puree and Vanilla which combine to give the beer a viscous, fruity sweetness through which a liberal dose of Mosaic hops shines through. Poured of Nitro it drinks as the name implies, thick, creamy and delicious. It went off in Melbourne and Sydney and we are looking forward to sending a few kegs of it off around the country in the not too distant future.

Speaking of beer hitting the market we are stoked to announce that our Mosaic IPA and Stout will find their way into cans in the not too distant future. This will be closely followed by a collaboration with our mates at Ballast Point, the details of which will be revealed very soon. Big thanks to Colby and Chris for dropping by earlier this week to design and brew a beer that we are very excited to be involved in.

So that’s the update. More to come on the new beer releases very soon.


PLB Crew