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Pirate Life Turns Two!

By Pirate Life 27 Feb 2017

A lot can happen in two years and standing in our brewery here on South Road in Hindmarsh is testament to just that. A couple of years ago you could have played indoor cricket in all the space inside our warehouse. Today we have all but filled up the shed at 89 South Road and grown to occupy the property next door. Where just six fermenters stood before we now have 19 and a second canning line hums away everyday packaging beer which now finds itself on shelves not only Australia wide but also Hong Kong, New Zealand and the UK.

We don’t often have the time to get together as a group and rip the lid. But last year in early March we managed to gather at the Gilbert St Hotel on what ended up being one of the hottest days of the summer and celebrated turning one year old. The result was a party of pretty epic proportions: we shut down a street, we debuted our IPA, we rocked out to blues tunes, watched the boys from Barbu juggle some kegs, got soaked in afternoon rain, retreated indoors and shut the pub down with some Sexual Healing by the Hot 8 Brass Band.

This year we are planning to do all (well most) of it again. Once again we will be heading to the spiritual home of Pirate Life: The Gilbert St Hotel. The bar inside will be pouring nothing but Pirate Life and to help keep the crowds well watered we will be shutting off Russell St which will become a giant beach themed outdoor can bar serving the full range of Pirate Life tinnays. Hills Cider and the Gilbert St Hotel’s usual wine list will also be available for those who aren’t on the froths.

Murmurs of new beers have abounded in recent times and we can confirm that three new brews will be debuted on the day. The first is a tribute to the hop which makes Pirate Life Pale Ale: Mosaic. A 7.2% homage to what we believe may be the greatest hop ever grown. The resulting beer is as the name implies: a kaleidoscopic journey through tropical flavour. Somehow Mosaic finds a way to impart every delicious flavour you ask of hops all on its own, backed by a clean light malt bill it’s the beer equivalent of a Fruit Punch Juice Box.

The next beer is our second Tomfoolery x Pirate Life collaboration. A Saison aged in Grenache barrels. Once again the combination of beer and wine is unlike any we have ever made or tasted before. More wine than beer, it hits the palate with a bone dry almost Riesling like character which after a few moments of confusion gives way to a typical Saison finish thanks to the French Ale yeast with which it was fermented. It’s a beer which will have you second guessing all the way and one which we have enjoyed brewing with our mates up at Tomfoolery.

Last of all is our Apricot Berliner Weisse. Affectionately dubbed Acid Rain here at the brewery, this beer is the result of last year’s state-wide blackout. A sour mash Throwback aged in red wine barrels and then conditioned with a half-tonne of fresh Riverland apricots. The beer is clean and crisp with a gentle lactic character layered over a hint of red wine and oak. A couple of months resting on apricots has imparted a gentle stone fruit character and a healthy little bump to the acidity. We soured this beer out at 3 am on Friday morning after almost 24 hours stuck in the Mash Tun. Its justice to both a creative brewing team and a highly dysfunctional power grid.

So that’s what to expect. The party kicks off at Midday on Sunday 5th of March and looks to be an absolute cracker.

See you there,

PLB Crew