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Hong Kong. Home. Hops.

By Pirate Life 30 Nov 2016

A few big weeks here at Pirate Life have seen us head to a new country, a couple of great gigs back home in WA and develop a new, hoppier recipe for our IIPA!

Probably the biggest news of November was our recent trip to Hong Kong where we really ripped the lid off with a huge weekend to launch Pirate Life in one of Asia’s most insane cities. It all kicked off Friday night last week at Soi 7 for a Beer, Canapés and meet the founder night. The event went off and it is safe to say if we didn’t understand why people say HK is a crazy city at the start of the night, we definitely did by the end. Big thanks to everyone who came down to say gday and enjoy a froth and to the crew at Amber Rebellion for hosting us and showing us the ropes in Hong Kong.

The next night we headed down to Beertopia for our first ever Asian beer fest. The event was absolutely amazing. With the greatest view of the city in the background, thousands of punters flocked down to Central Harbourfront to drink beer and get a little crazy. The night looked more like a music festival by the end of it, with plenty of DJ’s getting the crowd going after a day enjoying craft beer, craft cocktails, food and games down by the waterside. Cheers to everyone involved in making the day a success and the city of Hong Kong for their enthusiastic support of our humble beer. Suffice to say we will be back…

A couple of weeks ago an equally massive party at Perth’s Urban Orchard for the Pirate Life Invasion saw 1800 of Perth’s most loyal Pirate Life fans out in force. The night was crazy. So crazy in fact that we abandoned our plans to leave early, changed our flights and stayed to enjoy the shenanigans. The Bar Pop Crew know how to throw a party and this night was no exception. Pirate Life was flowing, food was everywhere and the music was belting. Cheers to all the crew that we ran into back in Perth both at the Little Creatures Family Tree event on Friday and the invasion on Saturday. It’s always good to get home and see everyone and share the love.

Speaking of sharing the love. If you didn’t know Monday just gone was Feral Tusk Day. Not content with letting our mates from Feral take all the spotlight here in the great state of South Australia, we geared up the Pirate Life IIPA and sent a keg of it out to a few venues to put it head to head with the beast that is Tusk.

If you ever sat with us at a tasting session here at the brewery you would often hear the phrase “It needs more hops.” So that’s what we did and we were happy to hear that the punters around town were a fan of the new improved recipe. A heap more hops will now be a mainstay of what was already a monstrously hoppy beer so keep an eye out for it at your local.


PLB Crew