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Springtime Brews…

By Pirate Life 25 Oct 2016

Spring has sprung and to celebrate we have pumped out a couple of sweet new brews. All the details will be on the way over the next few weeks but in the meantime lets talk our new yeast strain and how we came to get a hold of it…

A couple of weeks ago the Australian National Homebrewing Conference was held here in Adelaide and as a result all the big dogs of brewing supplies were kicking around town. When it comes to yeast probably the biggest dog in the world of brewing is Chris White, founder of White Labs in San Diego.

We were lucky enough to have Chris swing by and throw down a brew and being that we don’t regularly get to play host to one of the world’s most celebrated yeast librarians we decided to source one of his rarer yeasts and brewed Pirate Life’s first ever Pilsner with White Labs Mexican Lager yeast.

Lightly coloured and chock full of NZ and Aussie hops with just a smidgen of Mosaic the idea is to showcase White Labs dope yeast strain with a Pirate Life twist. The beer is in tank and slowly bubbling away so stay tuned for a release date early in the summer.

Speaking of summer keep an eye out for Pirate Life at a bunch of sweet events all over Australia. This Saturday sees us cracking tins with the homies at Mane Liquors car park party. If you are kicking around Perth and looking for an extra reason to celebrate the end of winter come and join us for a few frothingtons and a bit of a yarn in the sunshine.

Drink good beer. Enjoy the sun. Be happy.


PLB Crew