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Beer and barrels…

By Pirate Life 31 Oct 2016

If you rocked up to the brewery recently you could have been forgiven for thinking you might have been at the wrong address. A carpark full of empty barrels is not something that you normally find here at Pirate Life but last week that’s exactly what we had.

We were stoked a few months back when Cameron Syme from Great Southern Distilling Company down in Albany WA dropped past to say gday and offered us an impromptu whisky tasting. Great Southern’s Flagship Limeburners Whiskys have been absolutely killing it recently – going HAM at award shows, named Australia’s best whisky and blowing minds and tastebuds worldwide.

After a few sneaky whiskys and a cleansing ale or two, we got to talking with Cameron and came to the conclusion that we could definitely use a couple of their casks to age some beer in. The decision was made to compliment the complexity of Limeburners Whiskys with a rich and full bodied beer – to brew a Stout. This Stout will then call 16 Limeburners casks home until it has soaked up as much goodness as it can handle. Hopefully in time for Stout Season next year.

Not content with just the one barrel project at a time, we also racked off a recently brewed Berliner Weisse into some reconditioned Red Wine barrels where it will sit happy until later this year when we will hit it with some SA Riverlands stone fruit. From there the plan is to let it chill on the fruit until all the flavours have figured themselves out. However long that may be.

So that’s the plan. At least on the barrel front. The White Labs Pilsner is chilling out in tank getting its lager on and we are planning to add a new core range beer as summer comes along so keep an eye out for more beer news as the weather gets hot.


PLB Crew