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Black Beer, Bao, BBQ and Brewers

By Pirate Life 01 Jul 2016

Winter has definitely found its way to Adelaide. And while the cold weather may be keeping the plebs cooped up at home, beer fans, brewers and mad dogs have found a much better way to warm up – cram some of Australia’s and the world’s best beers in one place, right alongside a sea of barbecued meat and spend three days enjoying the ride.

From July 8th – 10th we will be joining a huge crew of breweries from around the world, as well as some of Australia’s best chefs, at the historic brick cattle pavilion and lawns at the Adelaide showground to celebrate the Adelaide Beer and Barbecue Festival. Three days of non-stop beer, barbecued meats, and music, the perfect antidote for the winter blues.

Here at Pirate Life we decided we couldn’t wait until next Friday to get the party started so we have teamed up with our mates at Madame Hanoi to welcome beer fans and brewers alike to the fair city of Adelaide in style. For two nights on July 6th and 7th we will be taking over the bar at Madame Hanoi with eight taps pouring Pirate Life beers.

Madame Hanoi have been massive supporters of Pirate Life from the very beginning. With a great range of tap beers and knowledgeable bar staff they are big supporters of quality Australian breweries. Early this year we were lucky enough to be able to collaborate with them to brew their first ever house beer: a French Vietnamese inspired Saison infused with Kaffir Lime, Mango and Coriander.

This time around we have decided to put together something equally special. Next Wednesday will be beer fans’ first chance to try Pirate Life’s winter seasonal Foreign Extra Stout. To celebrate, Madame Hanoi’s chefs have created a special Stout Braised Brisket Bao Bun which, tongue twisting name and all, is set to be the perfect accompaniment for our rich, chocolaty 7.1% stout. The crew at Madame Hanoi will also be cranking out their usual menu full of French Vietnamese inspired fare and a DJ will be spinning tunes.

Thursday night will be more of the same but this time we will be teaming up with our friends over at Kegstar to welcome the brewers and barbecue chefs in town for the Adelaide Beer and Barbecue Festival. Madame Hanoi will be serving a range of tasty canapés to match with tasting flights of Pirate Life brews.

So come say g’day, try our stout, eat some bao and get out of the cold. The Adelaide Beer and Barbecue Festival only happens once a year. Make the most of it…

Cheers – PLB Crew