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Pirate Life is Back! Good Beer Week 2016

By Pirate Life 17 May 2016

Ask any fan of beer here in Australia and they will probably tell you that good beer week and GABS is top of their to do list. When it comes to celebrating the diverse and awesome beers that we have here in Australia and around the world, there is no better destination.

We were lucky enough to take our beers to this epic festival for the first time last year and are excited to be back again. The festival kicked off in earnest last Friday and we have already been busy making the rounds.

So with that in mind here is a quick round up of where we have already been and where you can find us over the rest of the week during this glorious annual celebration of the greatest invention known to man: Frothbergers.

Last Friday evening we hit town with a bang and found our way to Beer Deluxe where the party had been going strong since 5 pm. Beer Deluxe is where you will find the crew drinking all throughout the week enjoying a few wedges between other events and as the festival hub is an epic spot to catch up with our brewers in a social environment for a chat and a beer.

Saturday we were fortunate enough to be hosted by the wonderful crew at the Junction Beer Hall in Newport. Junction is an excellent venue to enjoy a beer and eat some great food so even if you aren’t nearby try and include it on your list of destinations. The staff’s commitment to promoting good Aussie beer is massive and their beer knowledge is fantastic.

Sunday night saw us chilling at the Ribs ‘n’ Hops party at the Magic Mountain Saloon on Little Collins Street in the city. This cracker of a bar opened around the same time as we did and has been pouring Pirate Life ever since. If you are a fan of excellent food and beer as well as a sneaky cocktail or two it is definitely worth a visit and is a mere stroll from the Festival Hub.

Monday night we took it to new levels with a Beer Pong tournament at Beermash in Collingwood. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon considering Beermash’s stellar reputation for pouring some of the world’s best beers and letting punters take them away in Growlers or Squealers. Definitely worth a peek to see what they will have on offer over the rest of the week.

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning we will be at the Palace Hotel in South Melbourne. The Palace is one of the best places in the city for a low key pint of great beer. The atmosphere is second to none and the staff always make sure that they are pouring the best beers that Australia has to offer.

Later on Wednesday night we will be at the Local Taphouse – the spiritual home of beer in Melbourne where we will be chilling with the spiritual leader of the Australian beer industry Pete Mitcham for the annual Brewers and Chewers dinner – a combo of speed dating and meet the brewer which features beers from a heap of epic Aussie and international breweries.

From that point onwards the GABS extravaganza takes off like a rocket. The Spectapular which features some crazy experimental beers from breweries around the country and the world will kick off on Friday morning. Our offering this year is a 14% IIIPA featuring more hops than an episode of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. We will be manning our booth over the weekend and getting around to a bunch of other venues to mingle with punters and drink beer.

We will also be at the Mega Dega IV at Craft and Co in Collingwood – an annual event which keeps on upping the ante with a huge feast and epic beers from around the world.

Looking forward to catching you somewhere over the rest of the week and to all the people we have shared a beer with so far – Cheers and see you again soon!