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Pirate Life x Golden Era Golden Ale

By Pirate Life 04 Apr 2016

Picture this: BrewDog brewery, the old one, the far North East coast of Scotland. 8pm. Its freezing cold and Jack and Red are arriving for one of their 12hr long night shifts. It’s been pitch black for 4 hours. They haven’t even seen daylight for a week or so. Time to take over from the day shift and work hard to get the night on track.

Have a few of cups of coffee, there is a tank to filter and beer to brew to replace it. It isn’t easy to get gee’d up, especially when you just got a message from back home: a photo of your mates sipping froths at the beach. Almost broken for the night…

“What music do you want RedMan?” shouts Jack from the brewer’s computer.
“Better make it The Hoods, Skip” Red replies over the sound of the brewery.

The Hard Road is chosen. Recapturing The Vibe starts to play. Loud. The only way Jack knows.

The crowd cheers, a few strokes of the keys, ‘are you ready for the Hilltop Hoods?’… ‘are you ready for the Hilltop Hoods?’ ‘Sayyy HILLTOP!’ And the vibe is recaptured…

Fast forward 5 years and Jack and Red are 3 months into launching Pirate Life here in Adelaide, the home of the Hoods. An email pops up in the Inbox. It’s from the manager of Golden Era Records: ‘How would you like to brew a beer with the Hilltop Hoods and their Golden Era label mates?’ An opportunity too good to pass up.

Here it is. The Pirate Life x Golden Era Golden Ale