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Pirate Life Update 27 Mar 2016 – Boats, tins and chilli.

By Pirate Life 27 Mar 2016

No one ever said running a brewery was going to be boring…

The last week has been full of good times for us here at Pirate Life with some great events across the country. Last weekend Jack, Red and MC headed up to Brissy where Brewsvegas was in full swing to get amongst what is quickly becoming one of Australia’s best beer festivals.

It kicked off on Saturday afternoon on board Pure Adrenaline for a beer laden boat cruise around Brissy. We were joined by a crew of enthusiastic beer drinkers for a sunny day out on the ocean, enjoying the city views and sinking tins. A BBQ lunch kept everyone well fed while they had the chance to sample six of Pirate Life’s finest including the new core IPA and the Hopco collaboration NZ Pale Ale all of which went down a treat on the warm arvo. A big thanks to the folks who made their way down for a great afternoon on the frothbergers.

At the same time here in Adelaide Golden Era’s second warmup concert was underway. Held down at the Ed Castle it was the first opportunity for fans to get hold of the Pirate Life x Golden Era Golden Ale in cans. Hosted by Briggs and featuring DJ sets from Jayteehazard, Trials, Oisima, K21 and Faint One entry included a free Golden Era Golden Ale which set the mood for a big arvo. A solid crowd came out to show their support for the Hoods who are about to embark on a huge Australia wide tour playing tunes off their recent album Drinking From the Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung with symphony orchestras in each capital city. The Golden Ale will be served at concert after parties being held in each city. Keep your eye on the Hoods Facebook page for all the info over the next couple of weeks.

Sunday back in Brissy saw what is perhaps the crowning achievement for Pirate Life to date. Late afternoon we made our way down to the Fourth Annual Chilli Cook-off at the Kettle and Tin in Paddington. This was not our first Chilli Con-Carnival – we have been battling it out Kimbo Slice style in the backyard scene for a few years now. But it was our debut on the professional circuit. All those years slugging it out in unsanctioned events payed off. We walked away with the trophy for the greatest chilli ever made courtesy of a combination of smoked short rib, skirt and chuck steak cooked with the Redmans proprietary blend of herbs and spices. What made it all the better is that Chilli and beer just taste so good together. So after the battle was won we got to sit down and enjoy some well-earned beers while giving everybody’s chilli a try. Our competition was pretty damn good so we are extra proud of the hard earned victory. And the awesome little trophy is probably our favourite bit of silverware in the cabinet to date.

Cheers to everybody for another epic weekend – PLB Crew