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Our Brewhouse

By Pirate Life 12 Feb 2015

Our shiny new brewhouse is getting a workout since it was installed here in the brewery mid-January 2015.

It was ordered from Stainless Systems in Escondido, California in mid 2014. Coincidentally, one of our brewers, Jack, lived just nearby for 4 years back in his USA brewing days. Our other brewer Red saw their tanks at Eagle Bay brewing in WA and was pretty impressed.

The brewhouse arrived just 3 days after we arrived in Adelaide so we really hit the ground running, converting a large shed into a fully functioning brewhouse in less than 3 months.
The brewhouse is a 3 vessel system with a combined mash and lauter tun, a separate steam jacketed kettle and a whirlpool which clears up the wort and is a great place to add plenty of aroma hops. Our brew length (how much we can brew each time) is 2500L, or in brewer talk that’s 25hL. At the moment we also have 2 single batch cylindro-conical tanks (fermenters) that are 25hL and 4x 50hL tanks. We also have a 50hL bright tank which chills the beer down so it’s extra bright and conditioned perfectly.

We commissioned our brewhouse on the 12th of February 2015 and we can’t wait for you to taste what we can make with it.