Pirate Life Update 16 Feb 2017

It’s been a little over a month since we caught you up with what’s been going on around the traps here at the brewery. January came and went and with it our second GABS Hottest 100 Countdown. We celebrated the day down at the Gilbert St Hotel here in Adelaide where a pretty solid crowd came together to watch the results roll in. The word stoked gets bandied around a little too often these days but it’s about the only way to describe us around 6 pm that day after a few celebratory IIPA’s. Suffice to say that the Friday shift that followed was a rocky one for all involved. We managed to brew one batch of stout which is currently sitting in tank tasting delicious and waiting for a new home in some barrels.

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We also copped a new bit of wall art down at South Road. World conquering street artist Steen Jones dropped by and threw down a sick painting at our north entrance. Steen is a Brisbane based artist/illustrator who also runs his own clothing company and art studio Few and Far Collective. Steen’s work graces walls in cities all around the world and we were lucky enough to pin him down for a few days earlier this month. He threw up his giant Pirate Ship so fast he even had time to paint one of his signature skulls in our showroom. They ended up epic so if you find yourself at the brewery make sure you have a gander.

We have also found our way to a few of the summers music festivals. Last month punters at the Electric Garden Festival in Sydney were fuelled by our Golden Era Golden Ale and NZ Pale Ale while watching Eric Prydz and Basement Jaxx throwing down some old school bangers. The Adelaide Laneway Festival at Harts Mill saw a bunch of amped Adelaideans enjoying the same brews while rocking to the tunes of Dune Rats, Tame Impala and Tash Sultana. And just last weekend, the first of what is hopefully many concerts at Glenelg Beach was an all South Australian affair in the beverage department. Hills Cider, Alpha Box and Dice wine, Twenty Third Street spirits and Pirate Life beer helping keep five thousand sand covered music fans happy while they enjoyed Xavier Rudd and Cat Empire on the most iconic beach in all of SA.

Big thanks to Blac List entertainment, the St Jeromes Laneway crew and the boys from GA entertainment for the hook ups, Steen Jones for his work down at the brewery and to all the crew who voted for our beers in the Hottest 100.


PLB Crew

New Year. More Beer.

The new year started off pretty hot here in Adelaide with scorching temperatures all last week. Here at Pirate Life we didnt let that stop us as we barrelled into 2017, brewing into the new fermenters that were delivered just before Christmas.

To help the boys over in Pack Town keep up with all that beer we have also commissioned our new six pack applicator. This nifty little piece of equipment means that we can pack faster and easier, letting the boys concentrate on the important stuff: ensuring that our canning lines are running as smooth as possible. Meaning that our beer will stay even fresher even longer.

For the first trip of this year Jack cruised over to NZ for a bit of a holiday and while he was there he dropped into Plant and Food Research down in Nelson to check out how the 2017 hop crop is coming along. Plant and Food Research’s Resident Knight of the Order of Hop (actual award) Dr Ron Beatson specialises in developing new hop cultivars and Jack was lucky enough to get a tour around the facility and check out what is going on in the world of hops.

Summer wouldn’t be summer without beer festivals and there are plenty on around the country this month. This weekend we are at the Esk BeerFest in Launceston, Tasmania. The festival kicks off Beer Lovers Week and runs over two days starting Friday 13 of January. From there you can follow the Tasmanian Beer Trail down the island to the Hobart BeerFest on January 27 and 28. Both festivals feature beers from all around Tasmania and Australia as well as a bunch of delicious food, live music, comedy, roaming performers, burlesque dancers and brewer master-classes.

Next weekend we will be in Ballarat for the Ballarat Beer Festival. Come say gday on January 21 as we join over 100 other craft breweries in the heart of Ballarat for a day of beer, wine, food, live music and a bunch of beer education sessions. This is the second year we have made our way over the border for this one and if last years was anything to go by it should be a cracker.

Looks like 2017 is gonna be alright…


PLB Crew

Year Dos

To say it’s been a big year is an understatement. It feels like just yesterday we were sitting down reflecting on 2015 drafting up a little blog entry to say cheers to everyone who helped make our first year such a success. This year has been even crazier and the list of awesomeness is too long to mention it all, so bear with us while we try and sum up 2016 in a blog…

Our business has grown, and grown quickly. Back in January we had two brewers handling everything from milling in, to carbonating the BBT. Now we have six full time brewery staff with a packaging team of four. In January nine fermenters seemed like a big deal. There are 19 now and more arriving in the first quarter of next year. A second canning line, some new real estate and the establishment of our own distribution company Pirate Cartel means that we can pack a heap more tinnies each week and they find their way to the drinker with ease.

Plenty of frequent flier miles have been racked up over 2016. We have criss-crossed the country and the globe in search of beer festivals, beer competitions, beer conferences, tap takeovers, music festivals, new technology and new customers. Along the way we have had a bloody good time, learnt a shit load, met hundreds of good people and taken Pirate Life’s humble brews to three new continents.

There have been plenty of epic festivals here at home. The highlights which include Melbourne’s Good Beer Week, GABS and Adelaide’s own Beer and Barbecue Festival. To any of the crew who we have run into at a beer festival around the country a big cheers, without you coming along to support Aussie Craft Beer we would be without a job. It’s one of the greatest pleasures as brewers, to be able to share a drink and a bit of banter with someone who loves their beer. We will be back at them all next year doing the same thing. So see you there.

Accolades aren’t what we got into brewing for but it is pretty damn cool to find out that people dig our beers. We have been lucky enough to take home a couple of nice trophies this year and it’s an honour to have our peers recognise our hard work. But for us here at Pirate Life the big one was back in January when we took out spots 3, 4 and 11 in the GABS Hottest 100 Australian Craft Beers Countdown. We have always made beer we love to drink and beers that we hope others will enjoy so it was awesome to find out that after one short year the Aussie Craft Beer community had embraced our ales with such enthusiasm.

If you come here often enough you know that the brewery changes every week. There is always something happening at Pirate Life. As the crew here like to say “Never a dull moment.” We are always looking forward to the next thing but when we do look back we always end up saying the same thing: Thank you.

None of us here at Pirate Life could do any of this without the support we have from so many people. First and foremost our families and our friends, you lot have been there from day one and we cannot thank you enough for putting up with all the craziness that comes with this little brewery we are building. Secondly all of the businesses that help us do what we do. We are incredibly lucky to have such a great network of connections, both here in Australia and abroad. So thank you for all your help making our second year so much fun to be a part off.

And finally to anyone who has enjoyed one of our beers throughout the year. To all of you who love hops as much as we do here's a promise: We’ll cram as many of them in our beers next year as we can.

Have a safe and happy Christmas and a great new year.


PLB Crew